Registration is the official process of enrolling eligible learners in courses and programs offered by the American University in Indiana (AUI) Colleges. The Admission Office (AO) is responsible for performing registration services and informing the Students Affairs Office (SAO) with the enrollment eligibility status for each student to proceed or not in enrollment procedures.

Learners and organizations may register during periods specified by the AO office for online admissions and registration services.

For all learners the Student Identification Number (ID), which is emailed to them to confirm registration along with payment instructions and all the course information within the enrollment agreement sent to them for electronic signature. These data could contain but not limited to; the term dates, course meeting times and days, learner guideline, refund policy, payment plan…etc

Registration in course sections is on a first come first served basis. Places in subjects and course sections cannot be guaranteed as registration is according to the available remaining places.

Learners are always encouraged to begin course registration as of the first week from announcement for the program until two days before the starting scheduled date to begin. Learners, who register during that period, will benefit the early bird registration. Learners can benefit from requesting a full refund (as per the refund policy) in case they wish to drop the course/program until one day before the beginning of the classes.

Continuing learners should not wait until the results of their current term courses are announced as they will forfeit the above advantages. Learners’ delaying their registration until the first day of classes or two working days before the program beginning date will forfeit all of the above advantages and will not be able to receive any course refund if withdraw once the term begins.

Learners who failed courses are required to check the re-grading / re-evaluation policy with the SAO office to amend their registration accordingly directly online.

Full payment of registration fees is required at the time of registration. No individual learners or learners sponsored by third party organizations, who have outstanding financial obligations to SAO, are allowed to attend classes on the first day of the term without settling the full payment plan of the tuition fees with the SAO office and Finance Office by signing the enrollment agreement.


Students should know that the College reserves the right to cancel courses and programs due to low enrollment or unexpected unavailability of qualified faculty or facility or force majeure necessitated closures. The change in course schedule period is determined and announced by the SAO office through AUI platform and formal channels.

Learners dropping program as of the first day of the term, refund will be handled as per the announced Refund policy.

Learners, who stop attending a course without notifying the SAO office, receive a letter grade of “S” as a final grade for the course, and tuition fees are not refunded or credited to their accounts.

Learners that submit “Incomplete course(s) form explaining the reason for incomplete the course(s), are eligible for preserve their financial and academic rights.

Failure to attend classes does not constitute a formal withdrawal from the program. A withdrawal form has to be completed and returned to SAO office for processing on the Management Information System (MIS).

A grade of “S” will be recorded for learners who stop attending after the withdrawal deadline or fail to notify SAO office during the allowed period for withdrawal.

As part of AUI’s philosophy of education, AUI faculty members are required to provide the following at regular intervals throughout the duration of the course/program:
• Assess their learners
• Give the learners timely feedback on their mastery of learning outcomes
• Record the results of the assessments in the electronic eGradeBook

Learners must be assessed at regular intervals throughout the duration of a course. In Foreign Languages Division, there are different systems of assessment depending upon the language skills taught

Learners’ evaluation and assessment will be based on course work, quizzes, projects, participation and final exam.

Faculty members who would like to give more weight on course work and quizzes are encouraged to do so. The final assessment, exam, or project is required to obtain the final course score.

To ensure that the appropriate number of assessments is conducted for each type of course, the Evaluation, each section head checks faculty’s electronic Grade Books for all scheduled programs courses at session #6 of each term.

The number of assessments that must be recorded for each of the different types of all scheduled program courses by the time of the electronic eGradeBook check is two.

Faculty compliance with continual assessment is a condition of their continued employment. In the first term in which a faculty fails to record the required number of assessments on his/her electronic eGradeBook, a notice is sent to that faculty to update his/her electronic eGradeBook immediately. If a faculty fails to record the required number of assessments for a second successive term, that faculty is sent a notification letter by the HR and is suspended for one term.

Assessment plan(s):

The faculty set assessment plan(s) for their training/education professional programs, courses, identifying the following:

  • Key learning outcomes
  • Type of outcome (knowledge, skill, and/or attitude) fulfilling the Course Competences matrix
  • Assessment tools:
  • Tests, such as pre-post tests, assignments, quizzes, participation, mid-term tests, final achievement tests
  • Performance assessment tasks, such as a report, role play, presentation, case study, mini-project, graduation project
  • Method of reporting results (one or more of the following):
  • Performance report for each attendee
  • Commentary paragraph for each attendee
  • Scores and/or grades for attendees
  • Overall performance of the group

Copies of the assessment plans are sent to the section head and SAO

Course Competences matrix:


Curricula/lesson week Knowledge Disciplines Skills General
1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4

Evaluation and Grading Scale:

Grades will be reported regularly on eGradeBook. You are strongly encouraged to check your scores in Blackboard regularly. A final letter grade will be assigned based on percentages.

Number/letter grade equivalents are as follows:


97 – 100 A+ 80 – 82 B-
93 – 96 A 77 – 79 C+
90 – 92 A- 70 – 76 C
87 – 89 B+ 60 – 69 D
83 – 86 B 0 – 50 F
  • Grades at the threshold for the next higher letter grade (>89.5 for instance) will be rounded up.
  • Final class grade will be based on student’s final average in the class (including the final exam grade).
  • Students must earn a grade of D or better in course work and final exam to proceed to the Graduation Project/Presentation/Dissertation.