College of Humanities & Social Studies

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences’ departments and programs offer students the breadth of a traditional liberal arts education in the humanities and social sciences while preparing them to be members of a global society participating in a wide range of professions or advanced professional study.  Researches who study professional programs from AUI HSS College are assured of having depth of understanding in their field of study and the useful core skills that are most attractive to prospective employers and practical life.

  • Prof. Doctorate
  • Prof. Master’s
  • Prof. Doctorate in Hospital Management
  • Prof. Doctorate in Administrative Psychology
  • Prof. Master’s in Senior Care
  • Prof. Master’s in Childhood
  • Prof. Master’s in Hospital Management
  • Prof. Master’s in Administrative Psychology
  • Diploma in Senior Care
  • Diploma in Childhood
  • Prof. Doctorate in En-Ar-En Translation
  • Prof. Master’s in En-Ar-En Translation

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