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The only requirement to be an instructor is that you will need to have an account on our website. Easy steps to follow: 1- Submit a request. 2- You will be notify with an email. 3- A regional expert Program advisor will be in touch to discuss your personalized path. [foogallery id="15825"]
Rules for Instructors - Always do what you believe is best for your students. - Build strong relationships with your students, peers, administrators, and parents. - Clearly establish rules, expectations, and procedures on the first day of school. - Be fair and consistent. - Always be prepared. - Learn every day to improve your teaching. - Never bring your personal problems into the classroom. - Involve families. - Ensure that your students are safe and secure at all times. - Never put yourself in a compromising situation. - Respect the decisions of administrators. - Get to know your students. - Use your student feedback to improve your practice. - Own your faults and correct your mistakes. - Seek advice from other teachers. - Be willing to adapt and change. - Be your students’ biggest cheerleader. - Never put down a student. - Enjoy your work. - Be involved in the lives of your students such as sports and concerts to show their support. - Stay up-to-date. - Find time to decompress outside of school.
After joining our staff: 1- Login to your account. 2- Go to LearnPress and you will see the courses. 3- Go to your Profile to add your courses. 4- You can edit each lesson by clicking on the lesson and click Edit. 5- Add your Quizzes and Questions. A regional expert Program Advisor will help you carefully to pick your first program
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